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A career journalist and editor, I focus on crime, sports, health & fitness, music and New York issues. Since 2003, I’ve written for the New York Times, Maxim, The Village Voice, Details, Penthouse, Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, SLAM, and New York Daily News among others.

The New York Times
The regular guys who are the emergency goalies

Big thrills but little ice-time for backup goalies

Still rolling, but not on a roll
Bright future for in-line hockey has dimmed

The Village Voice
Soul Searchers
Monthly Concert Series Dig Deeper Brings Long-Lost Singers to Brooklyn.

Whatever Happened to the Jerky Boys?
The following contains offensive language, broken friendships, and uncontrollable belly laughs. 

Maxim Catches Bigfoot
We went into the California redwoods with the sasquatch-stalking stars of Finding Bigfoot. Guys, you ain’t seen nothing Yeti…


Pinch Hitters

Meet Steven Steals and his crew. Last year, they made six figures apiece boosting gear from electronics stores from coast to coast.

Joint Effort
Marijuana dealers around the country are combining forces with the unwitting employees of UPS, the postal service, and FedEx for fast, reliable—and undetected—delivery of their product

Virtual Venison
The Big Buck Hunter’s blend of realistic hunting elements with no actual bloodshed has enabled it to attract a unique combination of hunters and hipsters.

Men’s Fitness
Running Out of Sight
EJ Scott is racing across America to build awareness and raise funds to beat the disease that is slowly taking away his sight.

Tall Tales
Keith Closs’ alcohol-tinged path from college to the NBA to a bevy of minor leagues is often stranger than fiction.

A New York Tradition
You’ve heard plenty about point guards coming up from the Brooklyn streets. But no one’s story is quite like Booger Smith’s.

The Forgotten
“Machine Gun” Molly Bolin was probably the best female guard you’ve never heard of.

New York Press
The Life & Death of New York’s Last Great Pool Shooter
The sudden death of George “Ginky” SanSouci Jr. signals the end of an era.

New York Daily News
Ice Work – if you can get it

Reporter dons skates and hits the ice for taste of minor league hockey

The L magazine

Punching the Clock

The Life and Times of Bob Jackson, Boxing Trainer

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